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Maspeth Town Hall After School has been a staple of St. Sebastian for 8 years. Students from grade 6-8 are given the opportunity to enroll in this FREE after school program. Students are given a snack at the beginning of the program, before choosing their activity they would like to go to for that day. Students are encouraged to be responsible and make their own decision to attend the activity that best suits their interest.

  • Homework Help
  • Book Club
  • Band
  • Sports League
  • Cosmetology Club
  • Theatre Club
  • Physical recreation at the Parish Center
  • Stem & Literacy Enrichment

Academics Offered

Maspeth Town Hall has worked with the faculty and staff of the St. Sebastian’s community to ensure that the programs and schedule that have been set in place are in the best interests of the students we serve. By setting forth the goals, we can ensure that we are providing a program that is helpful to all when they have enrolled!

  • Allow students to choose how they want to spend their time in after school, giving them the opportunity to discover new interests and meet new peers.

  • Provide student with proper academic assistance to ensure that students have the ability to learn outside of the classroom, after the school day has ended.

  • Give parents peace of mind knowing their growing children are in a safe, supervised place within the community.

  • Learn the interests of the students so that in the years to come, programs and activities can be put in place that truly interest and engage the students in our after school community.

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