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Physical Education

Development of physical skills is an important part of a child’s education. Our goal is to build up healthy, alert, and physically fit individuals through exercise, games, and other learning experiences.  Students in the primary grades are encouraged to develop self-expression and body awareness through rhythm and movements skills.  The students are involved in low games of organization and lead-up games that further allow students to build endurance, flexibility, strength, basic loco motor skills, and the understanding of rules.

In the intermediate and upper grades, students begin to understand the concepts and purposes of individual and team sports. This is achieved though the execution of skills, coordination, teamwork, and the ability to follow directions and regulations.  Our students participate in basketball, dodge ball, soccer, whiffle ball, table tennis, lacrosse, prison ball, and hockey.

Written and skill tests are administered to measure knowledge of terminology, rules, and performance. Students are asked to read magazines and newspapers to keep current of sports, trends, and to interpret box scores of most sports.

  • Students are expected to report to Physical Education class in full uniform and sneakers.
  • Students are required to attend and participate for every class, unless medically excused.
  • Phys. Ed. and auditorium rules and regulations are explained by the teacher and must be strictly followed for the safety of the children.

Fine Arts

The Diocesan Art Curriculum Committee determines the goals and objectives for this academic area.  This program for Grades K through 8, introduces basic art techniques through both group and individual projects.  A variety of media are used to allow students to express their creativity to the fullest.  Children are encouraged to enter various art contests, including LaSalle Academy Art competitions.

Please visit Artsonia to view the work of our talented students.  Artsonia is a way for us to showcase the art projects the students complete throughout the year and parents can purchase a variety of gifts with their child’s artwork on it!

Foreign Language – Spanish

Students in Grades 1 through 8 study Spanish one period a week.  Berlitz uses a fully immersive language acquisition technique.


Students in Grades K though 8 have access to iPads and Chromebooks in their classrooms.

All classrooms are equipped with a Smartboard with projector, and desktop computer.  All families must sign an Acceptable User Policy at the start of the school year to allow for the computer usage and internet access in school.

Library Media Center

Our academy library uses Follett Destiny.  This is a program which allows the library to be automated and books scanned in and out properly.  The library includes a technology station to enhance curriculum-based research projects on all grade levels.  Students also get time in the library to use their devices for research , iReady, or other projects their teachers assign.

Our library is a place where children hear stories, read books and borrow books to read at home.  We continue to add new and popular books to our collection throughout the year.  Students are encouraged to review books and help us to expand the diversity of our library.

Additional Resources

Regents Program-  In the past, St. Sebastian has partnered with Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School for advanced Math and Science classes for eligible students.  When COVID-19 caused restrictions on this partnership, St. Sebastian offered a Math 9 class to eligible students.

Paul Effman Music –We have an after school instrumental music program once a week for Grades 3-8.  Parents pay a tuition and instrument fee at the start of the program.  Students of all learning levels practice in preparation for the Christmas and Spring Concerts.

iReady – A comprehensive online learning program used for Math and ELA  in grades K-8. There are benchmark assessments to help guide instruction within the classroom. It is individualized by the teachers to target the needs of each student.

Netsmartz – This online program educates children about Internet Safety and empowers them to be good digital citizens.

Brain Pop & Brain Pop Jr. – Animated educational sites for all students that addresses all subjects in an engaging and academically structured way.

Child Lures Prevention Program – Think Smart – Stay Safe: This program empowers children to keep themselves safe from all predators who might try to harm them.


Olweus Bullying Prevention Program – This program teaches children to create a more positive classroom environment by recognizing that bullying will not be tolerated both in and out of school.