St. Sebastian Catholic Academy is dedicated to developing mature Catholic individuals who practice the virtues and values taught by Jesus Christ. We create an environment conducive to learning within the atmosphere of the faith community of the Roman Catholic Church.

We strive to develop a working relationship of mutual respect with our pastor and his associate priests, with the principal and her staff, with the teachers, and with our students and their parents. Each student is recognized as a unique individual with special talents and abilities. This is especially highlighted in our deep appreciation of the diverse cultural backgrounds of so many different ethnic groups that contribute to the makeup of our student body. A variety of learning experiences, including computer technology, are offered to support these talents and expand their abilities.

Members of the wider parish community are encouraged to give of their talents and time to help the teachers and administration meet the needs of the individual student. Our aim is to develop the moral, intellectual, physical, emotional and social aspects of each person. We strive to create an innovative setting that allows each student the opportunity to succeed to the best of his/her ability and to discover and utilize his/her God-given talents.