St. Sebastian Catholic Academy offers computer education for students in Pre-K through Grade 8. Each student attends a formal computer class at least once per week. The computer center is equipped with twenty-eight computers, and is air-conditioned to provide our students and teachers with comfortable, easy access to the computers. Over the course of three years, in keeping with our Technology plan, all computers were replaced with state-of-the-art equipment. The center also provides high speed internet connection and printing capabilities.

In addition to the computers in the center, there are two COWS (Computers on Wheels), which contain laptop computers that teachers use with their students. The laptops on the mobile carts can be easily moved to various classrooms and teachers use them to enhance their curriculum as well as facilitate student research. These carts are set up for wireless communication, providing the classrooms with internet access. The laptops are also state of the art. Each classroom Nursery to Grade 8 is equipped with SmartBoards. Students in grades 7 and 8 will be issued Apple IPads to be used during the school day. Many of our instructional programs have an online component.

The Diocesan Technology Curriculum Guidelines are followed, providing students with an opportunity to learn practical computer skills as well as integrating computer software into their overall academic subject instruction. Students are taught how to use grade-level appropriate applications. The computer center has a wide range of the most current educational programs available, including Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Publisher, and PowerPoint) as well as other applications for multimedia presentations. Many computer sessions involve both the computer instructor and the classroom teacher. Together they design projects that apply and extend subject curriculum by integrating the students’ knowledge in a range of curricular areas and reinforcing basic computer skills.
Early childhood classrooms are equipped with several computers that students use to supplement their learning. Classroom teachers are encouraged to use the computer center to enhance classroom instruction, to facilitate the teaching and learning process and to conduct research. All classrooms are equipped with Smartboard Technology which provides up to the minute information in all subject areas. Grades 6, 7 and 8 classrooms have access to a Student Response System. This system, using hand held clickers enables teachers to instantly access learning thereby increasing student participation and improving learning outcomes.

The use of Symphony Math, an internet based learning system, helps early childhood students develop a solid foundation in number conceptualization and math operations. Symphony Math systematically helps students improve math concepts, fluency, procedures and applications. Students use the program in the Technology Center as well as their classrooms. Classrooms are equipped with projectors and screens to support the program.