Development of physical skills is an important part of a child’s education. Our goal is to build up healthy, alert, and physically fit individuals through exercise, games and other learning experiences. Students in the primary grades are encouraged to develop self-expression and body awareness through rhythm and movements skills. The students are involved in low games of organization and lead-up games that further allow students to build endurance, flexibility, strength, basic loco motor skills, and the understanding of rules.

In the intermediate grades, students begin to understand the concepts and purposes of individual and team sports. This is achieved through the execution of skills, coordination, teamwork and ability to follow directions and regulations. Our students participate in basketball, dodge ball, soccer, whiffle ball, table tennis, and hockey.

In the upper grades, students participate in individual team sports such as basketball, hockey, lacrosse, prison ball, soccer, and whiffle ball. Students also participate in lifetime, and table tennis.

Written and skill tests are administered to measure knowledge of terminology, rules, and performance. Students are asked to read magazines and newspapers to keep current of sports, trends, and to interpret box scores of most sports.

The addition of the Wii system supplements the physical education program with age appropriate activities, strength training, and just plain fun.

Gym Class Information

  • Students must report to gym class with the proper gym uniform and sneakers.
  • Students are expected to be present for all classes and participate unless medically excused.
  • Gym class rules and regulations are set down and explained by the physical education teacher. They are for the safety of each child as well as for their classmates, and must be strictly followed.
  • Chewing candy or gum is never allowed during gym class as it is a safety hazard.