Evaluation is a comprehensive judgment of a student’s achievement. The evaluation of a student is reflected by a letter grade in K-4 and a number grade in 5-8 even though we recognize the limitations of such grades. The following are the criteria used in evaluating a student’s achievement throughout the school year:

Grade K-2

  • Formal tests
  • Classwork
  • Homework
  • Participation
  • Oral participation
  • Group interaction
  • Individual Work

Grades 3-8

  • Standardized, as well as teacher-made test scores
  • Homework
  • Classwork
  • Project work and reports
  • Oral participation
  • Personal teacher observation

New York State Testing is administered to the following grade levels:

  • Grade 4, 6 & 7 – English Language Arts
  • Grade 4, 6 & 7 – Math
  • Grade 4 & 8 – Science

2018-2019 New York  State Test Scores

ELA and Math

Terra Nova Testing is administered to Grades 3 to 8 in the Fall of each school year

New York State Testing and Terra Nova Testing are part of St. Sebastian Catholic Academy’s Instructional Program. Results are used by teacher and parent to assist in the student’s development throughout the school year.

Fall 2019  Terra Nova Results